The Holy Myrrhbearers Ladies Altar Society and the Church School are organizing an outing to pick your own bouquet for the Feast of the Dormition.

On Sunday, August 13, we will meet at Simmons Farm in McMurray at 2:30 to cut flowers. You can bring your bouquet to church on the Feast Day (August 15) for a blessing.


Simmons charges $17/bucket, plus a $5 deposit on the bucket and a pair of scissors to use in the field. We will meet at the market and then drive to the field. Please use this link to sign up by August 6:



See Matushka Pam, Matushka Myra, or Matushka Janine with questions or if anyone needs a ride. Full details are available here: https://simmonsfarm.com/pickurown/flowerpicking.html

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